As a DDoS consulting business, you may find the DDoS Resiliency Score standards helpful in terms of preforming your services by bridging the technical details involved in DDoS and an overall picture must give to your customer. Using the DDoS Resiliency Score, you’ll be able to:

✔ Leverage a DDoS testing methodology that experts developed

✔ Perform DDoS consulting in a methodological manner

✔ Be sure you are up-to-date with the latest DDoS developments

Using the DDoS Resiliency Score - A Checklist


Become familiar with the standard

• View the video or download the standard.

Set your consulting based on the DRS

• When you consult an organization follow the standard attack vector and estimate the impact of those attacks on the organization.

• The attack vectors that cannot be mitigated represent the security gap. You can then present this gap and provide recommendations on how to close it.

• Evaluate and estimate the organization’s score.

• Use your experience to make recommendations about the target score for the organization and make sure that your technical recommendation will lead them to that point.

Write a final report

• Use the above outputs in your final report.

• The final score is very important for management as it provides a clear picture without the need to get buried in technical details.

• Use of an open standard is valuable to your customers because it adds objectivity to your recommendations.