DDoS Testers

DDoS testers typically “free style” each test, meaning- there is no consistency or methodical process that can be repeated each time. By following a common standard you will be adopting a mature methodology that is up- to- date with the latest DDoS trends and threats and that can be used repeatedly. By using the DDoS Resiliency Score for testing you’ll:


✔ Rely on a DDoS testing methodology that experts developed .

✔ Perform DDoS testing in a methodological manner.

✔ Ensure you are up- to- date with the latest DDoS developments.


Using the DDoS Resiliency Score - A Checklist

GoalDescription and Resources

Become familiar with the standard

• View the video or download the standard.

Set your next consulting based on the DRS

• The standard includes numerous attack vectors. Therefore, you should choose which subset of the standard you wish to test each time. ‘Level 3’ is typically a good starting point because it uncovers security gaps. Once those gaps are closed you can use more advanced levels.

• Choose the attack vectors from the standard. Follow the instructions and specification of each vector.

Calculate the score

•After each test, calculate a score (see section 5 in the standard)

Write a report

•Use the above outputs in your final report. The final score is very important for management, as it provides a clear picture without the need to go into technical details.