CISOs and Security Managers

Security Managers

As a CISO or security manager, you are always seeking a clear understanding of your organization’s resiliency in the face of threats. The DDoS Resiliency Score gives you just that – a quantifiable measurement of your resiliency to DDoS attacks using an objective standard. This allows you to:

✔ Measure your DDoS defence

✔ Rely on an objective, open standard

✔ Present a clear picture to management


Using the DDoS Resiliency Score - A Checklist

GoalDescription and Resources

Become familiar with the standard

Download the full DRS document or view the video

Measure your organization’s DDoS attack readiness

Method 1: Blackbox DDoS testing
Order a controlled DDoS test and ensure that both the test process and results conform to the standard.


• Engage with a DDoS full testing service.

• Acquire a license to a DDoS testing platform and run attacks on your own (DIY).

Method 2: Whitebox assessment

A DDoS consultant can also asses your score by surveying your organization services and mitigation. .


•Use your own DDoS experts to perform the assessment.

• Hire a DDoS consultant.

•Use software that automates the process.

Identify security gaps

•Set a target score for your organization

•Understand the gap you must cover

• Decide on how to close the gap.

•Present to management to approve the plan and budget.


•Use your own IT or consultant to provide answers to all the above questions.

Fix gaps

•Execute the plan.

•Upon full or milestone completion get a certification form a third party.